What to Expect From Your Home Inspection

Having a home inspection done is designed to give you peace of mind. However, if you are buying a home, the process can be, and many times is, stressful. During the process you will be given  A LOT of information which can be very overwhelming. This information often includes property disclosures, your written home inspection report, photographs, and the information that your inspector says during the inspection. So, how do you handle all of this information?


First and foremost, don't stress! The majority of the information you will receive will center around maintenance recommendations and minor imperfections. This information typically falls into the "nice to know" category, or minor worklist types items for you as a new homeowner.

That said, there are some items that could come up that are important. These types of items could be major defects, things that lead to major defects, issues that could affect your ability to finance, insure, or occupy the home, and safety hazards. Some examples of these items are structural issues, electrical issues, plumbing issues, roofing issues (leaks), etc. Generally speaking, these are going to be items that you will want to have addressed. Fairly often, serious problems can be corrected inexpensively, saving larger and more expensive issues down the road, not to mention protecting both life and property.


Most sellers are honest people who are genuinely surprised to learn about defects that are uncovered during a home inspection. It's important to remember that no home is perfect. The seller wants to sell the home and you want to buy it, so make sure to keep things in perspective.